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Lesson Of The Day: Don’t let incompetent media members do your bidding for you #MediaLivesMatter

Read this article from Patricia Babcock-McGraw at the Daily Herald

ARTICLEFines or not, WNBA got it right with this controversy

*FYI: This is the second version of this blog that I wrote. I deleted the first. It was definitely over the top and doing too much. This is the toned down version lol..

In response to several high-profile shootings of unarmed African-American men by law enforcement in recent weeks, many WNBA teams have stood in solidarity with the African-American community and the #BlackLivesMatter movement to acknowledge and show support for the plight and unfair treatment of Black-Americans in the United States…

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The New York Liberty, Indiana Fever, Washington Mystics, Minnesota Lynx, Seattle Storm, Dallas Wings and Phoenix Mercury chose to take stand in support of the African-American community. That’s cool.

The Connecticut Sun, LA Sparks, San Antonio Stars and Atlanta Dream have pretty much remained silent on the matter. That’s cool too.

Then there’s the Chicago Sky. The motherf*ckin’ Chicago Sky. The Sky coaches have already let us know where they stand, but Sky players were silent on all of this until today. In the article linked above, Jessica Breland comes out ACTIVELY AGAINST the efforts of her colleagues on other teams that have supported the #BlackLivesMatter movement. ACTIVELY AGAINST IT!

I mean… WTF?!!

Look, I’m never gonna knock anyone for NOT standing up. I’m never gonna knock anyone for NOT being an activist. It takes a lot to put yourself out there and take the kinda heat that some of these other players and teams have been taking. Everyone’s situation is different and I respect that. Heck, personally, I would never even think to wear a #BlackLivesMatter t-shirt to work. I probably would never wear one just walking the streets of Chicago either. That’s just not my style. But damn… I AIN’T GONNA KNOCK YOU FOR HAVING THE COURAGE TO IT!

Jessica Breland’s dumbass is on record saying that WNBA players shouldn’t be participating in this media blackout stuff because it’s bad for the league? Really?! I mean, are you *really* that ignorant, small-minded and shortsighted? I mean… like… for real?! You’re really gonna come out here and belittle and undermine the efforts of your colleagues that are fighting for… you?! For what? …because some oversensitive reporter hyped up on white privilege is butthurt by the idea that WNBA players would have the nerve to have a psuedo-media blackout over something so trivial as black people getting senselessly shot/murdered/assaulted/harassed by racist cops on an freakin’ daily basis? Oh ok, Jessica Breland. You can have several seats.

And to Patricia Babcock-McGraw… I am actually angry that I spent time reading that 762-word nonsense drivel that you wrote belittling the solidarity that other WNBA teams are showing in support of the African-American community.

I would really like to know what possessed you to write this article and to take the specific angle on it that you did…

Were you just trying to be different and this was just your pathetic attempt to get some attention by taking a new approach on the issue? …Or are you truly so damn self-centered that you’re trying to make this about YOU… as in, you’re personally offended by the disrespect of a “so-called” media blackout occurring on other teams? #MediaLivesMatter, eh?

I mean, real talk, Patricia Babcock-McGraw, the so-called “media blackout” that other, more socially-conscious teams staged simply meant that they would only speak to the media about the #BlackLivesMatter issue and not about basketball. They didn’t refuse to talk to the media altogether.

What’s the problem with that?

You literally wrote 762-words about how the players’ protests were ridiculous but only 370-words about the actual Sky/Sun game that was played the same night. Clearly, expressing your (warped) opinions on the protests was more important than reporting on the actual the game. The same goes for those players… their opinions were just the opposite of yours.

So again I ask… WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?!

Are you so damn arrogant that you think only the media should have the ability to dictate what is important and what isn’t? …that the players shouldn’t be able to control the message at all?

Or better yet…

Are you trying to somehow cover for all the socially-unconscious, tone-deaf, privileged players we have on our Chicago Sky team by saying that they’re doing the right thing by not getting involved in all this trivial #BlackLivesMatter stuff? Methinks this is probably the real reason. You’re trying to protect them… but, in reality, you have only succeeded in making them look worse. You made them look bad by writing this crap article then quoting a player and then tying the whole damn team into the warped view that you express in this article. Do better next time.

Patricia Babcock-McGraw and her cloak of white privilege can have several seats alongside Jessica Breland.

Aaaaand… if Patricia Babcock-McGraw is truly the mouthpiece for this team’s views on this issue, then I honestly hope that I NEVER hear the opinions of any of these Chicago Sky players on anything other than basketball. They’re all suspect and I don’t trust them not to say stupid, ignorant crap. I absolutely hate when people say this to athletes but… y’all really need to just shut up and play ball* *. Leave the real work of fighting for justice and positive social change to the players on other teams that actually have spines, backbones and, uh, common sense.

* *Well, except the Rookie. The Rookie can speak on anything cuz she’s clearly got some sense. 

Lesson Of The Day: Don’t let incompetent media members do your bidding for you.

We probably have a bunch of players on this team that either (a) dont care whats going on or (b) dont agree with whats going on… not because #MediaLivesMatter but because, well, #AllLivesMatter. So next time, PBM, please don’t try to explain their silence. Just let them be silent (well, unless of course they want to just come out in legit opposition to what’s going on, Sophia Young-style).




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  1. I think this post was well written and showed restraint. I too would have much preferred the team to remain silent because the opinion of one now negatively impacts the whole. Don’t get me started on the on Patricia.

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