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Gameday! Liveblogging Sky @ Mercury

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source: Chicago Sky twitter

Big game for the Sky today!

Although Phoenix has been struggling mightily this season (…and their win-loss record sucks), they have too many darn pieces/players for me not to fear this team.

Anyway, Sky won the last game I liveblogged this season so I guess the liveblog curse is over, right? Right! I guess we’ll see…

Let’s go Sky!

Griner wins the tip over EDD.
Taurasi hits the short jumper over Sloot for the first points of the game. That’s gonna be a tough matchup for the Sky but if anyone can make it work, Sloot can!
DeSouza with a drving layup over Griner to score Sky’s first points of the game.
Did DeSouza just block Griner? I dunno but it looked like it!
EDD crosses Penny up and hits a smooth 15-foot jumper in her grill! Pretty!
Breland with the nice drive and finish at the rim over Griner! OUR BIGS AIN’T SCURRED!
Sky’s offense is flowing… good give-&-go to Cappie from DeSouza for the wide-open layup.
I liked Petrovic in her one season with the Sky. Sucks to see her on this annoying Phoenix.
DeSouza finishes at the rim against Griner AGAIN! Nice dish from Sloot. No Fear!
DeSouza blocked Griner AGAIN! Griner kinda sucks this season, eh?
TYoung in the game.
EDD passes up the open three, drives and hits a short fadeaway over Griner.Great decision.
Griner just missed a point blank layup over DeSouza… LoL… Griner sucks!
De Souza with another nice bucket!
Sky played fantastic defense and Cappie hits a nice shot at the other end.
Time out Mercury.
Quigley with the nice pull-up jumper in the lane.
Mercury living at the free-throw line. Why are they getting so many calls?
Quigley hits 2-in-a-row!
Even Faulkner is going right at Griner! No respect. Fouled and makes ’em both.
Super ‘rook is in the game!
Why do the refs keep giving the Mercury these damn calls! Taurasi stays at the line. This reminds me of the LA game where Candace Parker took like 15 free-throws for no darn reason.
Quigley and Boyette almost link up for an end of the quarter buzzer-beater but the shot rimmed out. Great pass by Quigley.
End of 1st. Sky 25, Mercury 18

— DAMN! Faulkner just blew by the entire Mercury defense for a beautiful finish at the rim!
Boyette’s big presence in the lane alters Penny’s shot! Great defense from the ‘rook. No foul. Penny misses.
Boyette stuffs Mistie Bass on the jumper!
TYoung with the steal and wide-open fast break layup
DAAAAAANG… rookie with ANOTHER defensive stop in the paint! Our bigs (Boyette/DeSouza) are killin the Mercury bigs!
Sky’s defense is on-point! Haven’t seen th D look this solid in a minute. I hope it keeps up!
Griner just hit EDD with a block like she is a freakin’ an offensive lineman. WTF, you can’t do that! Shoulda been an offensive foul. Sky can’t get any calls.
Offensive rebound for Boyette off the TYoung miss.. and the putback is GOOOOD! Rookie out here killin’ Griner at her own game! Wow!
Soooo… DeSouza barely touches Taurasi and is called for a foul… OK.
Queen of the midrange! Cappie hits the beautiful step-back jumper!
Boyette with the solid defense on Griner. Griner airballs the shot.
Faulkner to Boyette for the easy layup.
Sky finally get a call… Petrovic fouls Cappie on the jumper.
Maaaan, Sky defense is looking so good!
These refs need to be slapped.
Sloot with the steal!
Again, THESE REFS NEED TO BE SLAPPED! Cappie did not fould Bonner on that drive. Smh. Without all these bogus calls by the ref, the Sky would be up 20+ points.
Dang, Sloot drives and gets all the way to the rim for the finish!
Halftime. Sky 47, Mercury 36.

EDD interview at halftime…
Sooooo… Elena’s shy? Who knew??! But heeeeey… we have that in common. Shy people are the best people 🙂  …oh, and I’ve never viewed EDD as “unapproachable” in any way, shape or form. I mean, I don’t know that from any first-hand experience or anything because I’ve never approached her because, I’m… well… shy! LoL 😀
Oh, and wouldn’t it be funny to see EDD “right-hook” somebody! I mean, the 10+ game suspension that followed wouldn’t be funny, but damn, I wouldn’t be mad if she knocked out one of these annoying Mercury players (DT!) in the second half.

SLOOT FOR THREEEEE to start the 3rd!
Petrovic hits a three to answer.
EDD with the pretty pull-up jumper in the paint.
EDD and Breland scrap with the Mercury and ends up with and an AND-1 for EDD.
Taurasi feelin’ it… hits another three with a defender right in her face.
Back-to-back AND-1’s for EDD! She’s strong, ya’ll. Taurasi shoulda gotten T’d up for that bratty move (i.e. throwing the ball aggressively against the basket stanchion). Taurasi must be paying off the refs or something.
Sloot beats Tarausi backdoor for the easy layup!
DeSouza continues with the solid defense on Griner!
MOOOOONBALL again for Breland. That thing barely touched net. Sooooo smooth!
Bonner goes coast-to-coast for the fast-break layup.
OMG! Boyette just blocked the SHHHHHHHHHIT outta Bonner! Wow!
Cappie with the pull-up midrange in transition! Nice assist from Faulkner.
Taurasi shot that from three from like 40 feet. Completely unnecessary. Misses badly.
Taurasi redeems herself and nails it the next time down the court. Three.
End of third. Sky 67, Mercury 64.

TYoung missed a wide-open layup but Breland gets the offensive rebound and hits another MOOOOOOONBALL’esque shot.
Faulkner with another beautiful drive thru the entire Mercury defense for the easy finish at the rim!
EDD for THREEEEE! She was open for like 5 minutes in the corner.
Taurasi is hittin’ threes with like 2 or 3 people in her face.
Bonner is a problem.
Sloot with the pretty drive. Sky guards at so good at this.
Sky gotta take better shots down the strecth.
Refs are in love with Tarasi. These calls that she is getting are ridiculous.
Taurasi is ridiculous. She’s hittin’ these Steph Curry’esque shots.
Cappie responds with a bad shot.
TYoung misses another wide-open layup. Sky desperately needed that bucket.
Refs are trying to give the Mercury this game… and the Sky aren’t doing much to prevent it at this point.
Damn. Bonner hits 2 free-throws and the Mercury have their first lead.
Griner with a big offensive rebound and putback basket. Sky now down 3. Not looking good.
Timeout Sky.
Cappie with the hard drive and hits the shot on Griner. AND-1!!!
Refs bail out the Mercury AGAIN! Bonner to the line and hits ’em both.
Dupree hit 2 free throws. Sky down 4 with 28 seconds.
Quigley with a good look at a three after a big offensive rebound… but misses.
Taurasi hits 2 more free-throws.
Phoenix wins. Sky 80, Mercury 86.


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