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Game Notes: Sky 98, Mystics 72 (Sky extend winning streak to 3 games with well-balanced team effort)

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This game was fun.

The offense was flowing and on-point.

The defense was relentless.

The usual suspects had nice games, but so many others also stepped up big.

Six players scored in double figures.

  • EDD = 18 points
  • Cappie = 16 points
  • Allie Buckets = 16 points
  • Breland = 10 pointsGame 8 Team
  • TYoung = 10 points
  • DeSouza = 10 points

Three players had 5+ assists

  • Faulkner = 9 assists
  • EDD = 6 assists
  • Sloot = 5 assists

Three players had 5+ rebounds

  • DeSouza = 7 rebounds
  • EDD = 6 rebounds
  • Dos Santos = 5 rebounds
  • Breland/Sloot = 4 rebounds

That’s some AMAZING balance right there, folks.

Sky scored 60 points in the first half. 60! …and held Mystics to only 36 points.

Sky had 30 assists and out-rebounded the Mystics 37-25.


First I gotta give props to DeSouza on a stellar performance. She started the game strong, hitting shots and going into absolute BEASTMODE on the offensive boards! DeSouza finished with 7 total rebounds, 6 offensive. If I remember correctly, most, if not all, of those came in the first quarter. She set the tone early and got the Sky started off right.

Game 8 DeSouza

DeSouza boxing out Dolson for the board…

Vintage Allie Buckets made an appearance tonight! The only thing that gets me more hyped than an Allie Buckets three is a BIG Allie Buckets block! We were treated with BOTH tonight! Quigley was 2-for-2 on three-pointers and had a HUGE block on Tayler Hill. Like, that block was ridiculous. She did ‘ol girl dirty on that one. Awesome all-around game for Allie Buckets. Quigley was by far the most exciting player to watch tonight.

The 3rd block in this montage is Quigley’s huge block on Hill…


So… how about our rookie, ya’ll! I get absolutely giddy watching the ‘Rook play because there is so much freakin’ potential there! All of the skills that she brings to the table ARE EXACTLY WHAT THE SKY NEED right now to get them to that legitimate championship level. If the ‘Rook continues to develop at the same pace the rest of the season as she has these first few weeks, then we have all the pieces we need. I mean, she’s a solid shot-blocker in the paint which improves our interior defense tremendously. Most surprisingly, the ‘Rook has great hands and footwork on the offensive end and can hit tough shots in the paint. Like, for real… who knew?!!

Game 7 Boyette

‘Rook vs. Mystics on 6/1 in DC

The ‘Rook took 3 shots tonight and hit ’em all! Her first shot was an ugly looking jumper from the corner. It’s wasn’t a pretty shot so your first thought is.. that was lucky buuuut, she’s been hitting those fugly-lookin’ shots every game so it ain’t luck! It’s not pretty, but it goes in. That’s super exciting to see!

‘Rook’s second bucket was even more impressive. She caught a tough pass from Cappie in the paint and spun and finished at the rim all in one fluid motion. That was beautiful! She made it look easy, but the degree of difficulty on that shot was VERY high. The catch. The gather. The spin (i.e. footwork). The finish. Wow. Just wow.

‘Rook’s third shot was a short little one-handed jumper in the lane off of a nice assist from Faulkner on a fast break. Again… the catch, the gather (…she stopped on a dime!), the soft finish… all impressive. It’s gonna be so much fun watching the ‘Rook develop. I hate this cliche but… THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Video of ‘Rook’s third bucket…

Cappie continues to play well and had a really nice all-around game. Same thing with EDD. TYoung too. Definitely good to see Sloot out there as she works her way back from injury. Faulkner continues to do a great job running the offense and is still leading the entire league in assists.

Loved this beautiful assist from Cappie to EDD

Sweet shot by Cappie from just inside the three…

The only downside to this game was the injuries. TYoung got hurt and left the game for a little bit with a groin injury, but returned. EDD got hit in the face and had to leave the game for a little bit with a bloody nose/lip/mouth… I dunno what it was exactly. It was actually entertaining to see EDD get so angry that there was no foul call on the play (F*CKIN’ BULLSH*T!!! lol 🙂 ). EDD was tended to by the trainers to stop the bleeding then returned to the game. The most serious injury of the night was Laney. I didn’t see the play when it happened, but there was a loud, hollow thud that I thought was Laney’s head hitting the court. Then it appeared that it was an ankle injury. Final word has been that it was a left-knee injury. Laney was carried to the lockerroom but returned to the bench later on crutches. I hope she’s ok and has a speedy recovery.

There’s one other thing I wanna say… how do the Sky (…or any other team, for that matter) choose when they wear their blue jerseys and when they wear the yellow? The Sky/Mystics basically had a Wednesday/Friday home-and-home series, but both teams are wearing the same uniforms in both games. Sooooo, when looking at pictures, it’s difficult to determine which game the pictures are from. What’s the deal with this? Why can’t we just have standard home and away jerseys like normal? I really like the Sky’s yellow jersey (…although I think they’ve only worn them, maybe… once?) and some of the other non-traditional colors worn by other teams (i.e Tulsa; not you, New York and your hideous sea-foam green), but if the jerseys are just gonna be random with no regard for home/away, then I would just rather go back to the traditional white home jerseys. The randomness of the jersey color selection is hella annoying.

ANYWAY, great game for the Sky. The squad is back to .500 and looking good. They have a week off before playing the Fever on Friday in Indianapolis. It’s crazy, but the Sky start a 4-game road trip and don’t play another home game for TWO AND A HALF WEEKS!


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