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Gameday! Liveblogging Sky @ Wings…

Game 6 Header

Ok, so I didn’t even bother to blog about the Sky’s last game vs. the Stars because, well, the game was so bad that I really wouldn’t have had anything productive to say. The Sky shoulda easily won that game by 20+ points and we ended up losing by one. Craziness.

Anyway, usually LiveBlogging is a curse for the Sky so I typically try not to liveblog games anymore, but after that last game, I figure, how much worse can it get right? Right!

So here we go..

Starting lineup for the Sky remains the same as the last few games: Faulkner, Cappie, EDD, Breland and de Souza. However, Sky tweeted this a few minutes before tip:

Yay! That means that there’s actually a possibility that we will win this game!
Paris vs. EDD for opening tip. Paris wins it.
Faulkner with the first bucket of the game.. but damn, how did she get so open for that layup? Poor defense, Wings.
Ok, Faulkner just did it again with the wide open drive. Perhaps its not bad defense, per se, just that Faulkner first step is just too quick and Wings don’t have an answer.
Sooooooo… de Souza can hit the 15 footers but not layups!? Lemme stop being a jerk.. she hit her layups last game.
Paris is sooooo effective at everything. Deceptively effective. Luv her game.
The trey is still fallin’ for EDD! Nice!
Again Faulkner with the drive all the way to the rim! …but she misses the layup. Sweet move again tho.
EDD lost the jump ball to Courtney Paris again? C’mon now! That shouldn’t happen… although, like I said before, Paris is deceptively effective at all aspects of the game.
Faulkner cutting thru the Wings defense and getting to the rim on almost every possession… but has missed the last two layups. Beautiful moves though. Those shots usually fall for her.
Cappie hits again! ..baby hook in the lane.
Cappie with the miss but de Souza with the offensive rebound and easy put back.
EDD with the nice steal.
Timeout. Wings up 16 to 15.
TYoung comes into the game and immediately hits a 15-footer from the corner on a nice pass from EDD.
Cappie hits again. Warms my heart seeing Cappie playing well!
TYoung with the steal and easy layup on the other end.
Sky in the midst of a 10-0 run.
SLOOT IS IN THE GAME!!! I repeat… SLOOT IS IN THE GAME! So nice to see her out there. Sloot, you’ve been missed.
Nice move but missed layup for de Souza
Jordan Hooper just hit a shot. Greatest name in basketball.
Cappie again! Pondexter = Master of the Mid-range jumper!
Aerial Powers is a pretty darn good basketball name as well. Wings has a monopoly on cool names.
Sky just got an 8-second violation. C’mon Allie Buckets..
The ‘Rook is in the game! I repeat: The ‘Rook is in the game! Damn, these are Boyette’s first minutes in like 3 games.
‘Rook immediately commits a turnover tho. Settle down…
End of the 1st Quarter. Sky 28, Wings 20.

Faulkner starts the 2nd how she started the 1st… nice drive all the way to the bucket for a nice finish at the rim. Wings have no answer for her.
‘Rook with the really nice pass to Quigley but Allie Buckets missed the short turnaround jumper
Ooooo… nice pass to Breland from Cappie. Breland with the nice finish in traffic.
‘ROOK WITH THE STEAL! …Quigley finishes on the other end with a nice layup.
Sky lookin’ good!
Timeout Wings. Sky 34, Wings 20.
Allie Buckets gets to the bucket on a nice little drive from the baseline.
‘ROOK WITH THE BUCKET! Great catch and finish, Boyette! Props to Allie Buckets for the nice pass into the post.
Oh DAMN… ‘ROOK WITH ANOTHER BUCKET! Beautiful little turnaround jumper in the lane on a pass from EDD.
Faulkner to the rim again! Damn, Wings can’t check her.
EDD with the strong move to the bucket… finishes with contact… AND 1!
Sloot shoulda taken that shot. Turnover.
EDD with another longball! THREEEEEEE!
Sloot hits the 15-footer. Pretty much the same play from moments ago but this time Sloot makes the right decision and takes the shot instead of trying to make the pass.
Timeout. Sky 51. Wings 34
Sims with the trey.
Paris out here dominating our bigs the last couple plays. Got the offensive rebound from EDD on one end then shut down Breland on the other end. Paris is a beast.
Sky scramble leads to a nice de Souza layup off the pass from Breland.
EDD misses the 3 but follows her shot and gets the offensive rebound… only to have Faulkner turn it over. Turnover leads to a Sims layup on thee other end.
Halftime. Sky 55, Wings 47.

WTF! Horrible turnover for Faulkner to start the half… leads to a fast break bucket for the Wings on the other end.
Next time down the floor, offensive foul on Cappie. Sky not starting the half well.
Sky then miss 3 attempts at the bucket (2 point blank) and Wings score again at the other end. Horrible start continues…
Timeout Sky. Sky 56, Wings 51.
Breland with the MOOOONBALL! We needed that.
AGAIN Sky miss 3 point blank attempts at the bucket. Two misses for de Souza and one for Breland. Focus and hit these chippies!
Cappie with another midrange jumper! …de Souza with the nice pass out the post.
‘ROOK WITH THE BIG BLOCK! Boyette out here killin’!
Cappie with ANOTHER midrange jumper.. this time from the baseline! When Cappie’s hitting, it opens things so much.

Faulkner to Pondexter fastbreak was SWEEEET! Nobody can stop that.
TYoung came barreling into the lane outta control and gets called for the charge. Good call.
Quigley with the nice baseline drive and short floater over Paris.
Paris tried to post up the the ‘Rook and got BLOCKED! Awesome defense ‘Rook!
Allie Buckets hits with the THREEEEEEE!
Allie Buckets misses a couple shots down the stretch and Wings hit a couple shots to cut into the Sky’s lead to end the quarter.
End of third quarter: Sky 69, Wings 63.

‘Rook just hit the 15 foot baseline jumper! ..didn’t even know she had that in her repetoire! Wow.
Breland with the nice little turnaround jumper in the lane… nice assist from EDD.
Faulkner just hit a jumper right in Phillips’ grill. Looked so effortless that I don’t even think Faulkner jumped!
That was a nice move by Sims.
3-point play for EDD
— ‘Rook doing a great job protecting the paint.
8-second violation for the Wings. Good to see we’re not the only one to get called for that during this game.
Nice pick ‘n roll from the ‘Rook. Couldn’t finish it but drew the foul.
Wide open baseline layup for TYoung on the in-bounds play. Not sure if that was what Pokey drew up, but hey, it was nice.
Jack Sikma mention during the braodcast! I don’t know anything about his time as a Supersonic but he is a fellow Illinois Wesleyan alum so I got luv for that dude.
‘Rook with the nice finish in lane on a beautiful dish from Faulkner!
Nice fastbreak for the Sky… EDD to Tyoung again.
Oh damn! TYoung with another nice assist to ‘Rook for ANOTHER bucket! Nice roll and finish, Boyette!
Faulkner gets to the rim AGAIN for another easy lay-in. Red Sea all night for Faulkner. Wow.
‘Rook with the MONSTER block on Sims! Get that weak ‘ish outta here! How many blocks does the ‘Rook have now? Gotta be at least 4 or 5, right?
Timeout Wings. Sky 88, Wings 75.
3-point bank shot from Jordan Hooper. Lucky.
Cappie with ANOTHER mid-range jumper. Master of the Mid-Range. That’s what I’m gonna call her on here from now on.
Bogus offensive foul call on EDD. Flop.
Glad this game is only 36 seconds from being over because the Sky are desperately trying to give it away.. and it there was mire time, I’m sure they would.
SKY WIN!!! 92-87!


Game 6 Header 2

This game was fun to watch!

So many contributions from so many people. Six Sky players ended up in double figures…

Cappie (i.e. Master of the Midrange) = 18 points || 5 assists || 2 rebounds
EDD = 14 points || 6 rebounds || 3 assists || 2 steals
Faulkner = 13 points || 9 assists || 3 rebounds || 2 steals
Allie Buckets = 13 points || 2 rebounds || 1 assists
‘ROOK! = 10 points (5-5 shooting!) || 8 rebounds || 4 blocks || 2 assists || 1 steal
TYoung = 10 points || 4 assists || 2 rebounds || 2 steals

So much great stuff on social media from this game…



The ‘rook absolutely KILLED IT today. She hit all of her shots and showed beautiful touch around the basket. For good measure, the ‘Rook was even kind enough to host a BLOCK PARTY!


This play was funny…


EDD takes the contact and hits the shot… AND 1!


Faulkner got ’em like this at least 5+ times…


~ Go SKY! ~

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